Art is nothing more then learning to see

In a sober expressive form of language, Herman Van Nazareth knows how to abstract and sublimate human loneliness. His language is refined but universal and harks back to the primordial forms in a dramatic way.

Contemporary Art since 1963


About The Foundation

The foundation was established to achieve the acquisition, collection, inventory and archiving, research, protection, conservation, and disclosure of the artistic heritage of the artist Herman Van Aerde, known to the public by his pseudonym and stage name Herman Van Nazareth. Achieving this goal can take place both domestically and abroad, considering the current and future available technology and resources.

By performing the following activities:

  • Sale, purchase, or exchange of works of art in the broadest sense of the word with collectors or galleries, auction houses or other intermediaries
  • Acquire, maintain, manage, and dispose of real estate or the movable patrimony of the foundation.

Organizing events, exhibitions, open days, recruiting members, and supporting a chosen ‘charity’, and all this related to “THE ART”.



Open door weekends

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